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Feb 18, 2015

EShare Android Application

Gearbest online store just send today a new and powerfull Android TV BOX: Beelink S82 Plus, which came with EShare Server preinstalled.

To use EShare application, you have to download on your Android device (smartphone / tablet) the EShare Client application from here, here or here.

In the Beelink S82 Plus you'll find an E-share English Quick Guide, but the client application is mistakenly shown.

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Unknown said...

where we can get the eeshare server? would it be possible to install it on any android box like mxiii g (tronsmart mxiii plus)? thanks

Алексей Белоножкин said...

After updating the firmware, and reset all settings, when you turn on the TV box gets a message: "Have reached the maximum number of licence, please contact the software licenses to purchase agen". Ultimately did not work Eshare. What to do? Please help!

Алексей Белоножкин said...

Message gone by itself, I did not do anything. Esharе became work properly.

G S said...

cant get thos thing to work on samsung s5 phone

G S said...

i have the client on my television i scanned the barcode installed the client but it does not work
the most i got from it was when i selected tv mirror i saw the images from my tv on my phone but i couldnt do anything to them..and i couldnt control anything from the phone

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