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Feb 23, 2015

Download FlashTool v.0.5.0

Download FlashTool v.0.5.0 from here, here or here.

Archive name: FlashTool0.5.0

Archive size: <1 MB

File: FlashTool.exe

1. When you download NAND Flash firstly, and then download NOR FLash sencondly, it will happens that Identify NOR Flash Failed. It refers to NAND Pinmux setting which will effect NOR Flash.
2. Identify NAND Flash Error about MT5389. It's root cause is about NAND PLL (Default XTAL, but if you set the clock of NAND, it will happens error when no code exists).
3. ¡°division by zero¡± displays when use BIM for NAND Flash Downloading.
New features
1. Add ECC Type option
2. Add read spare data when backup NAND Flash
3. Add the feature about supporting Thinkpad X201 + cp210x
4. Add new special-CLI command: mbad
5. Add the progress bar of NAND erase and eraseforce process
6. Optimize the software structure for tool blocking problem.

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