Feb 21, 2015

Cube Iwork8 tablet, high performace in a small package

Recently, the well-known domestic digital manufacturer Cube launched a new 8.0 inch Windows 8.1 tablet, that is the Cube Iwork8 Super version. It is configurated with Intel 64 bit genuine Windows 8.1 OS with 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM, which is a highly cost-effective tablet, and the best choice for users fond of playing games with the storage configuration.

Thinnest 5.27mm fuselage and 340g weight
The thinnest fuselage edge of the Cube iwork8 super Version tablet is only 5.27mm, which offers a quite good feeling for holding, while the thickness of the other 8 inch tablets are 10~13mm in common. 340g ultra-light represent the ultra-thin and light design concept. An thte 8 inch tablet is the best for just one-hand holding among all the tablets at current. A good tablet is not with higher performance and multi-functions, the ultra-thin fuselage and ultra-light weight also allows you to play with it more happily and easily.

64Bit Processor with 22nm Advanced Process
This Iwork8 tablet support holding just for one hand, and adopted the Intel Bay Trail-T 64 bit quad core processor, compared with the traditional 32bit processor, the performance has been increased. Moreover, it has adopted the advanced the world's most advanced 22nm process, which is sure to bring you a extreme experience and the fastest touching response experience.

This Cube tablet is installed with Windows 8.1 OS, which can provide a more efficient working environment. Besides, the rich Office software enables you to connect the keyboard in any scene office easily, add a convenient for your mobile life.

8 Inch IPS HD Screen, Full View
The iwork8 uses a 7 inch IPS screen with full view, which can bring a more larger view angle and visual experience, better image restoration techniques and more realistic visual color. High brightness screen, you no need to worry even under the high light of outdoor.

Plugins 3G/Keyboard/USB, Wi-Fi/3G/Wire
Cube iwork 8 Windows 8.1 tablet support OTG connected with the wired network, 3G network card, keyboard and mouse as well as U disk. Wi-Fi/3G/Wire, rich ways for using the Internet, more convenient.

Refuse power outage, Long standby!
The 64 bit Cube iwork8 super version tablet support run multi-algorithm to manage the current, power and temperature, in order to maximize the performance and energy efficiency. It is also equipped with an unique Intel DPTF technology, which makes the whole model can be used and standby for a longer time.

In total, the new Cube iwork8 Win8 tablet is featured with a high performace and at a lower price. 


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JakesDen Gaming said...

Please can you give me a link to download the windows drivers for this device as you don't seem to have them on your site.

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