Jan 21, 2015

The Third-Gen HiMedia Q2 Comes with Allwinner H3 Quad-Core Inside

Recently, Chinese OTT box brand HiMedia upgraded its popular Q2 smart OTT box to the third generation, packing Allwinner H3 quad-core processor. 

With Allwinner H3, HiMedia Q2 3rd Gen supports H.265 and H.264 4K video decoding in hardware, 4K video point-to-point HDMI output, and supports SmartColor display technology to provide more vivid and eye-pleasing visual effects for videos and still images. It can work up to 1.5GHz.
Allwinner H3 also delivers high system integration to make the system cost more competitive, including HDMI, CVBS, audio codec, four USB ports, EMAC and Phy, etc.  It also comes with a TrustZone-based security system t-Coffer that supports root-of-Trust, secure boot, secure storage, and it also supports couple of DRM standards including Google Widevine Level 1,  Microsoft Play Ready, Marlin, etc, and supports HDCP to ensure the security of 4K contents.

The HiMedia Q2 Thrid-Gen outshines in its performance, but its price remains 199RMB, just like the Second-Gen. It's slated to go on market in Jan.

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