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Nov 5, 2014

Video: How to easily install firmware from SD Card on Probox EX TV Box

This is a simple tutorial on how to easily flash firmware on Probox EX TV Box with Amlogic S802-H CPU via micro SD card method. To flash firmware on this box from PC via AMLogic USB Burning Tool read this article.

1. Download the firmware from here.
2. Extract all the files in the zip to a freshly formatted SD Card.
3. Make sure the power IS NOT connected and Insert the SD Card in the TV Box
4. In the back of the device, Locate the A/V port and insert a tooth pick or something none conductive into the hole. You should feel a button being pressed.
5. Press and hold the Button in the A/V hole while plugging in the power. Keep holding the button for 10 seconds
6. If you did the steps correctly you should see an green Android robot with a progress bar below. Your box is now updating. DO NOT TURN OFF THE POWER OR TOUCH THE BOX!
7. When the update is completed your box will automatically reboot on it's own. The first boot will take some time so be patience

Probox2 EX is a very powerfull Android Mini PC with a Amlogic S802-H processor, 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of eMMC storage. This device is using the same hardware as Minix Neo X8-H, but it comes in a more complete configuration, it has dual band Wi-Fi and hardware DTS and Dolby audio decoding. It also has a gamepad with integrated sound and it claim to be the best Android Mini PC available on the market in the present. Probox2 EX Extreme Media Player costs only 149 dollars with free shipping. It is offered as a gift a nice Remote+ (worths $32).

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Elevated said...

Can you show putting the files on the SD card please

Unknown said...

I installed m8n-20151029JL on my M8 box but this firmware has bugs. The network connection is unstable as it constantly disconnects. Is there a fix for this issue?

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