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Nov 20, 2014

Elephone P3000 is launched today, on November 20th

After two days of testing P3000, we're very pleased with the result. 

The JDI screen displays sharp and high quality pictures. Meanwhile, power consumption of the screen decreased. There is still power left after heavy use for one day, that has solved the power consumption problem that exists on Android 4.4.2 phones. The camera performs outstanding, and there are lots of options in the menu to fit the different shooting environment. The accuracy of the color reduction reaches 90%. It performs excellent in low light condition. Furthermore, the combination of MTK 6582 and 6290 works great for 4G LTE. MTK 6582 is a mature developed Soc that has stable performance regarding running complex functions such as games and multi tasks. 

Two more features were added too. One is the OTA updat and the other one is using the fingerprint scanner on the rear cover to browse web pages, picture etc. Off screen gesture and air gesture will be added in the coming OTA update. As always, we're concern about smartphone users' health, and we're developing a new protective film not only protect your phone from scratching, but also take care of your eyes. The film filters the blue light come from the display. The film will be released soon, and they're going to be compatible on P2000 and P3000 first. 

On Nov 20th (today), we officially launched P3000 on the market. And the delivery will be made immediately. The first batch of P3000 is limited, place orders as soon as you can.

You can now buy the Elephone P3000 for only $164.99 from www.elephone.cc.

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