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Nov 28, 2014

Download official 002 firmware for Minix Neo X8 / Neo X8-H TV Boxes

Download official 002 firmware for Minix Neo X8 / Neo X8-H TV Boxes from here or here. Download previous 002 beta 9-2 Firmware from here

Archive name: Minix NEO X8-H & X8 Official 002 firmware
Archive size: 438 MB
Image file name: update.zip
Support: Amlogic S802-H
Build number: k200-user 4.4.2 KOT49H 20141128 release-keys
Release date: 28/11/2014


Android system:
- Firmware now based on release-keys instead of test-keys to improve app compatibility
- Added key layout profiles for Mele F10/F10 PRO airmouse (CREDIT to HardwareGuru for providing us the KL files)
- Fixed PS3 controller Bluetooth pairing issue (WARNING: Rooting the device voids the warranty)
- Support Google TV remote app
- Fixed some apps got audio but no video issue (e.g. BEIN Sports, NBA Gametime, SPMC, etc.)
- Fixed Google Contacts sync. issue (CREDIT to Finless Bob of Freaktab.com for providing the solving method)
- Fixed Google Maps, Google Search...etc crashing issue
- Fixed NEO M1 airmouse / Logitech K400 random reboot issue when using together
- MINIX NEO series airmouse gyro sensors driver updated
- Added support for the NEO A2, NEO A2 Lite airmouses
- System performance enhancements
- Added system performance optimizer by long pressing Menu key
- Ethernet TCP buffer enhancement (CREDIT to Finless Bob of Freaktab.com)
- Added show/hide status bar option (SETTINGS -> Display)
- Added status bar safely unmount USB mass storage device option
- Fixed "Choose date format" bug
- Added Ethernet MAC address information
- Enabled NFS/SMB cache
- Fixed NTFS/NFS disk writing issue
- Added "No output to USB audio" option (SETTINGS -> Display)
- Added Dolby DRC setting (SETTINGS -> Display)

- Fixed some 4K TVs compatibility issues
- Added DVI signal support for older TVs and monitors
- Fixed HDMI hot plug couldn't get signal issue
- Fixed various issues related to HDMI-CEC
- False HDMI status to allow some apps to run on HDMI output (e.g. SHOWTIME)

- Added 1080p24Hz HDMI output option
- Fixed 23.976fps videos stuttering issue (@ 1080p24Hz, 1080p60Hz)
- Fixed some 50fps video playback issue
- Improved http live streaming performance
- Fixed fast forward/rewind bug
- Fixed video/audio unsync. issue of videos taken by cameras/phones/tablets

- Fixed audio still output to HDMI while headphone is plugged in
- Fixed audio output mode setting loss after unplugging headphone
- Fixed passthrough audio going to both HDMI and SPDIF causing strange noises

XBMC: (Wipe data is required to install this update automatically)
- Updated to the latest V13.3.3 MINIX XBMC
- Added native support for auto refresh rate switching (users need to manually activate this feature)
- 3D switching is now enabled
- Fixed .ts files streaming issue
- Fixed 720p user interface issue
- Fixed vaious playback issues

Installation notes

Option 1 - from recovery (Factory reset / Wipe-data)
If you want to have a clean installation and automatically installing the latest MINIX XBMC app, download this parameter file and copy it to the ROOT directory of your USB drive.

Option 2 0 from recovery (Keep data / Not wipe data)
If you want to keep your existing data, download this parameter file and copy it to the ROOT directory of your USB drive.

Option 3 - from user interface menu
Turn on the box. From 'Settings' menu, go to "Other", choose "System Update", Press "Select". Choose the "update.zip" package from the ROOT directory of your USB drive, please be reminded that BOTH the "update.zip" & "factory_update_param.aml" files must be stored in the ROOT directory of your USB drive before proceeding. Select 'Update'. Confirm "Update", DO NOT UNPLUG THE POWER OR THE USB DRIVE during the whole process. System will reboot itself and continue the rests of the process, it shall take less than 5 minutes and once update is complete it shall boot into the system again. Updating... 

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I am only getting an img file after extracting. What am I doing wrong?

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