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Nov 18, 2014

Download latest Android KitKat 4.4.2 stock firmware for Armada Mach 8 TV Box

Download latest Android KitKat 4.4.2 stock firmware for Armada Mach 8 TV Box from here (high speed download link). Download previous firmware from here. Mirorrs: link1 or link2.
Archive: Mach8-CodeRed-1.0-Update
Firmware image file: Mach8-CodeRed-1.0.zip
Model: Armada Mach 8 TV Box
Image file size: 488 MB 
Platform: Amlogic S802
Build number: mach8android-user 4.4.2 KOT49H 20140912 test-keys
Other: this firmware comes with Code Red Launcher for FREE ($1.99USD in PlayStore

Code Red Launcher is an amazing and easy to use Set Top Box Android Launcher; it can be used on any Android TV Box and now you will pay for it only $1.99USD in PlayStore. (highly recommended)

* An easy to use Set Top Box Android Launcher
* Connect to your Social Media accounts easily (Facebook, Google, Youtube, Instagram, Vine)
* See your Social Media right on your home screen in the Film Strip area!
* Add Widgets on your home screen
* Create Shortcuts of your favorite applications right on your home screen
* Easy to change Background images
* Are you a developer? You can connect your application easily to our API system

Firmware flashing guide  
1. Download the file above 
2. Place it in a folder you can access easily 
3. Extract all the files in the zip to a freshly formatted SD Card 
4. Make sure the power IS NOT connected and insert the SD Card in the TV Box 
5. In the back of the device, Locate the A/V port and insert a tooth pick or something none conductive into the hole. You should feel a button being pressed. 
6. Press and hold the Button in the A/V hole while plugging in the power. Keep holding the button for 10 seconds 
7. If you did the steps correctly you should see a M8 logo followed by a Android man with a progress bar below. Your box is now updating. DO NOT TURN OFF THE POWER OR TOUCH THE BOX! 
8. When the update is completed your box will automatically reboot on it's own. The first boot will take some time so be patience.

If you come across any issues or bugs please tell them to visit out forum board at http://www.armadatvbox.com/forum

You can now buy Armada Mach 8 powered by Android KitKat 4.4 with XBMC Media Player 4K from here for only $99.99. You can also order Armada Mach 8 - Pure Linux XBMC edition for only $129.99 from here or from here. The seller also provides DHL shipping, which takes two days and costs $40 USD to Europe. By the way, Armada producer is looking for European distributors and dealers, so feel free to contact them.


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