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Oct 18, 2014

Download Antutu Video Tester 2.2 apk + SD files

Download Antutu Video Tester 2.2 apk + SD files from here, here or here. (156 MB). You can download Antutu Video Tester for free from PlayStore.

Archive content:
- com.antutu.videobench-2.2.apk
- 01Sintel_avc_mp3_1080p.mkv
- 02Sintel_avc_flac_1080p.mkv
- 03Sintel_avc_aac(main)_1080p.mkv
- 04Sintel_avc_ac-3_1080p.mkv
- 05Sintel_avc_dts_1080p.mkv
- 06Sintel_mpeg-4_ac-3_1080p.mkv
- 07Sintel_avc_aac_1080p.mp4
- 08Sintel_mpeg-4_aac_1080p.mp4
- 09Sintel_mpeg-4_he-aac_1080p.mp4
- 10Sintel_avc_mp3_1080p.mp4
- 11Sintel_mpeg-4_aac_1080p.3gp
- 12Sintel_avc_aac_1080p.3gp
- 13Sintel_avc_ac-3_1080p.ts
- 14Sintel_avc_mp3_1080p.avi
- 15Sintel_mpeg-4_mp3_1080p.avi
- 16Sintel_hevc_aac_1080p.mkv
- 17Sintel_avc_ac-3_1080p.avi
- 18Sintel_avc_aac_1080p.mov
- 19Sintel_mpeg-2_mpeg-1 layer II_1080p.mpg
- 20Sintel_wmv3_wmav2_1080p.wmv
- 21Sintel_wmv2_wmav2_1080p.wmv
- 22Sintel_sorenson_mp3_1080p.flv
- 23Sintel_realVideo 4_cooker_1080p.rmvb
- 24Sintel_avc_ac-3_2K.mkv
- 25Sintel_hevc_aac_2K.mkv
- 26Sintel_avc_ac-3_4K.mkv
- 27Sintel_hevc_aac_4K.mkv

AnTuTu Video Test is a professional tool for testing video playback capability of Android Smart TV, set-top boxes and other devices. It integrates a few featured videos and testing algorithms that can help users judge the playback performance of the devices clearly. AnTuTu video test can not only detect the video playback formats devices support, but also can test the playback quality of devices. 

1. Comprehensively detecting which video formats are supported and testing video playback quality, give a detailed report of the results.
2. Support the screen LCD test, grayscale test , and gamma test.

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