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Sep 14, 2014

How to easily unlock bootloader and root Acer Iconia A1-810 tablet with Android KitKat 4.4.2

First, download and extract 'A1-810 Unlock and CWM' archive from here, here or here. This is very easy, it only takes 5 minutes, just read carefully and follow  the instructions.

Attention! Author of this guide is not responsible to any damage you got when unlocking! Only for 4.4! Warranty will void! You won't be able to flash original Acer updates!

Installing the driver
1. Find 'Drivers' folder in the extracted archive. Disable signature enforcement if you're on Windows 8 / 8.1.
2. There are two executable files:
2.1 Run install_driver.exe as Administrator if your OS is 32-bit.
2.2 Run installdrv64.exe as Administrator if your OS is 64-bit.
3. Wait 2 minutes. There's no feedback from installer.
4. Reboot PC and connect turned-off tablet to it. New drivers may be installed.
My PC has Windows 8.1 Pro x64 and everything worked just fine.
Preparing to serious work
1. Backup all your data!
2. Back-up all available data and MAC addresses
3. Charge your tablet on 100%!

Unlocking bootloader and installing CWM

1. Download an archive and unpack it in short path, for example in C:/
2. Launch "/SPFT/flash_tool.exe".
3. Load scatter from "/810 Unlocking and CWM/".
3.1 If Rescue folder is being used, load scatter from "/Rescue/".
4. Press Window - Write Memory. One more tab will appear, open it.
5. Press "Open RAW Data...", choose "/810 Unlocking and CWM/secuoff.img".
6. Memory type: EMMC.
7. Start Address: 0x3D80000.
8. Copy "File Size (bytes)" to Container Length field.

9. Press "Write Memory".
10. Connect your turned-off tablet to PC.
11. Progress bar will fill with red, then with dark green.
12. After this you will see a green circle.
13. Disconnect the cable. DO NOT try to turn your tablet on!
14. Go to "Download" tab.
15. Check files:
PRELOADER "/810 Unlocking and CWM/preloader_unlock.bin"
RECOVERY "/810 Unlocking and CWM/recovery.img"
If you are using Rescue folder:
PRELOADER "/810 Rescue/preloader.bin"
RECOVERY "/810 Rescue/recovery.img"
SEC_RO "/810 Rescue/secro.img"
16. Press "Download" and connect the cable again.
17. Progress bar will fill with red, then with purple, then with yellow.
18. After this you will see a green circle.
19. Disconnect the cable, wait 5 seconds and try to turn it on!
19.1 If all was booted OK, try to boot in CWM.
19.2 If A1-810 is not reacting to Power button, then run Guide #3 using Rescue folder.
19.3 Stuck on Acer logo? Press Reset and retry!

Root Acer Iconia A1-810 tablet
1. Copy provided 'UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.02.zip' to a micro SD card. Insert the card into the tablet.
2. Reboot the tablet into CWM (turn it off, press together Power On & Volume+ buttons)
3. Install UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.02.zip from CWM.
4. Restart your tablet. You're done! 

All credits go to Fire Diamond @ XDA (and to the others: mr.bin @ 4PDA, Calingo @ XDA, Vache @ XDA, Shreps @ XDA, swing4thefence @ XDA)

17 comentarii:

Unknown said...

please someone can give me a acer live updater apk please i need this to update kitkat :8

Unknown said...

Hi Dan, I followed the above and everything went smoothly and seemed to work fine. CWM recovery works great and I can now backup and restore which is awesome! I then flashed the SuperSU zip which also seemed fine.

Problem is that most of my root apps say they can't access the file system as though they can't get RW rights on the /system partition? Other root apps that don't need write on the system work perfectly, so it seems to be only half rooted but the file system is still read only & can't be set to RW? Can you help troubleshoot?

I have tried re-doing it all from scratch but still the same. Also when exiting CWM I get a question whether to restore root or not so even CWM sees a problem. Thanks heaps for your good work so far! Dennis.

kotysoft said...

Thanks a lot! Worked like charm! The only thing: The 64bit driver didn't worked on W7 x64, but the x86 worked fine on my 64bit system

kotysoft said...

...\ CWM ok, but during supersu flashing it says ERROR. :\

Unknown said...

hola la app freedom no me funciona me sale este mensaje... "write permissions on system partition are required in order to use freedom" alguna ayuda para poder usar la app... gracias

Unknown said...

Hola.freedom will not work, just like lucky patcher and others.because we don't have system r/w permissions (apps can't modify or write to system partition) and this is because of the kernel is still unlocked (Acer still don't want to publish the source code)

Unknown said...

Hello, it went all good until superSU flashing, i tried to flash it but it said '"ERROR" i tried to reboot my system and now an "Esittelytila" text is appearing in bottom left corner and always a demo video is appearing on my tablet, is there any way to fix this?

Anonymous said...

when i try to install the supersu.zip , it says error , installation aborted ? can anyone help me

Adriel said...

Same problem with superSU here. Error! message

Unknown said...

Hello, I conducted all operations with no problem, but when I try to install "SuperSU-v2.02.zip" I have an error message and the installation is not performed !!!
Is there a solution to this problem?
Yannick greetings

Reparatii laptopuri, monitoare, placi video said...

Ok, where is "Guide #3" ?

zeljko said...

Molim pomoc. Dali se moze root Acer iconia one B1-810 . 4.4.4 MOLIM POMOC HVALA

brak said...

jak zrobić pełen un root? how unroot?

brak said...

how unroot to do?

brak said...

my tablet doesnot start and does'n conect !! ?? i have problem with driver i cant setap , my chipset is mt6628 is there problem? i try instal mt65xx? but a can't find driver for 6628.
tablet don't see sd cart too, why ? why??

Unknown said...

My 810 look tottaly block only acer logo on start and don't boot.

Is there a way to load AV0K0 rom with this tools? when i try from official recovery, it says that build.prop is not found.

On CWM recovery i don't have choice about looking on SDCARD

Anonymous said...

Is it work on A1-713

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