Jun 21, 2014

Video HD: RKM M3 Bluetooth Smart Watch paired with Rikomagic MK902 TV Box

Nice. You can now receive notifications from your Rikomagic MK902 TV Box directly on your RKM M3 Bluetooth Smart Watch. You can use your smart watch as a remote whrn you listen to your favourite music. You can do much more... ;) :) If you need, download the SmartWatch2.apk from here.

Rikomagic M3 Bluetooth Smart Watch costs only $92.90 on www.aliexpress.com at the Rikomagic official online store partner.

MK902 TV Box costs only $100.90 on www.aliexpress.com at the Rikomagic official online store partner.

About Rikomagic
We were pioneers of the Android Mini PC concept and were the first Android Mini PC provider. Based in Shenzhen, China, Rikomagic aims to revolutionize the digital media player market. Our Research and Development team has extensive expertise in consumer electronics products and the development of network media players. Our core strength remains focussed around Android PCs and Android Mini PCs, where we have a great deal of experience.
Rikomagic has been at the forefront of the development of multimedia, internet connected devices which truly transform TVs into home entertainment centers. The combination of our forward-looking market research, proven technological expertise and acumen, innovation, and our mature and efficient development process has given us industry-wide recognition.
We differentiate ourselves by the quality, value and sophistication of our products. Our customers trust the RKM brand to enhance their entertainment experience, and we always strive to exceed their expectations.

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