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Jun 6, 2014

EZCast for Android reaches 1.1.290 version

EZCast for Android now reaches 1.1.290 version on Play Store.

Update note:
1. Refine device discovery methodology.
2. Add Greek, Portuguese, Turkish and Russian OSD.
3. Add languages: Arabic, Greek, Portuguese, Turkish, and Indonesian.
4. support more music formats.
5. Support EZCast screen when smartphone in hot spot mode
EZCast is powerful Wi-fi Display application, you can use EZCast to transfer easily and quickly photos, music and videos from smart phones, tablet PC, notebook computers or desktop computers to the TV, monitor or projector.

EZCast devices, in the forms of dongles or boxes, are the remote-free cross-platform (iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac) wireless display products, which receive and display the contents you love from internet and your own portable devices (smartphones, tablets, notebook and Mac). 

EZCast APP for Android, developed by WinnerWave, displays documents and multimedia from Internet or your Android Pads/Smartphones wirelessly in cooperation with EZCast devices.

In addition, EZCast APP switches wireless display standards (DLNA, Miracast…) and control the setting through remoting the EZCast devices. 

More details about previous version, Android EZCast v.1.1.237, you'll find here.

Here you can download the previous versions pack.
Tronsmart T1000 is an amazing Mirror2TV dongle. 

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