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Jun 22, 2014

Download Smallart PTV firmware version 034.00.140312

Download Smallart PTV firmware version 034.00.140312 from here, here or here.

Smallart PTV firmware upgrade
Release: 2014-03-12
Size: 43.9MB

What's new
[Add] support for the Sony Xperia series phones / tablet after the upgrade to Android 4.3 screen mirroring
[Fix] sometimes start to question the display mode and then switch to a wireless DLNA mode, the device can not be found in AP
[Add] to use the new user interface
[Fix] Sohu Video DLNA can not adjust the volume to maximum
[Fix] a connection 720P monitor display problems
[Fix] duplication possible UUID

Before upgrading the need to prepare
1, PTV firmware upgrade
2, U disk a
3, PTV and associated connecting device (OTG)

Upgrading operating essentials
1. extract the firmware upgrade package PTV get called "install.img" upgrade firmware, and stored in the root directory of U disk
2. using the OTG cable is marked with the words 'USB' on the U disk and create a connection interface PTV
3. with a thimble hold down the button for mode switching PTV PTV give electricity supply (the new version of PTV direct hand and hold the button down the side of a small power to give PTV), when the TV screen appears "realtek-please wait for When the words USB update ", indicating the beginning of the upgrade.

4. the upgrade process does not require a human operator.
5. when the TV screen appears upgrade progress reaches 100%, and the emergence of the word "Install completed", it means that the upgrade was successful. 
6. after the upgrade is successful PTV will automatically reboot into the new system.

Congratulations: you're done!

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