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Jun 21, 2014

Android KitKat 4.4.2 version installed on E-ceros Vision tablet

Download Android 4.4.2 KitKat custom firmware rooted by Kasty from here, here or here. This firmware is also working on Yuandao M10 / Vido M10 tablets. Use Rockchip Batch Tool version 1.7 to flash the firmware, use Restore button.

If you want to restore the table to stock firmware Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2, download it from here.

Build information
Linux Kernel: Linux version 3.0.36+ (root@SW-desktop) #30
Build number: rk3188-eng 4.4.2 KOT49H eng.sw5.20140118.172733 test-keys
Boot version: 2.10
FW version: 4.4.02 

Custom firmware features
  • root with latest SuperSU version 1.93 (free version)
  • removed most Chinese and unnecessary applications
  • Google Play Store fixes so more application are visible/compatible
  • updated busybox v1.21.0.git (2012-11-29)
  • Unix like init.d boot scripts support, more details on init.d scripts here
  • changed permissions on external sdcard to allow write access
  • increased space for applications (/data partition) to 4 GB
  • disabled OTA updates (may cause problems)
  • kernel modules (cifs, tun, lan, serial, xpad) compiled by Oma & Crew RKTablets, thank guys!
  • added Google Experience Launcher (GEL) in addition to PiPO's stock launcher
  • use optional package to fix broken apps (Contacts/People and Calendar sync)
  • temporary fix for multi-user support, please check here
  • optional ClockworkMod (CWM) Recovery easy install package

All credits for this firmware goes to Kasty from www.arctablet.com


You can buy E-ceros Vision tablet for only 138.60 € from www.chinavasion.com website.

Chinavasion is a global China wholesale and China dropshipping company located in Shenzhen, China right across the China-Hong Kong border. Established in 2006, Chinavasion was the first company ever to offer electronics drop shipping directly from China. 

E-ceros. A rising star among China-designed electronics companies, applying the latest technology to create great products for the tech-savvy gadget lover. ‘Beyond Imagination’ describes exactly what excites the E-CEROS team to deliver the very best quality to price ratio. The company is dedicated to developing innovative consumer electronics and efficient processes that foster invention, enrich people’s lives and continue to spur the rise of our high quality electronics brand beyond imagination. We hope to exceed your expectations and make your life more convenient and exciting than it is now.

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Unknown said...

How do I install kitkat 4.4.2 custom rom for kasty onto my e-ceros vision tablet? Do you have instructions? Thanks.

danyrolux said...

@Dave Carthy
See above: Use Rockchip Batch Tool version 1.7 to flash the firmware, use Restore button

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