Jul 16, 2013

Download latest ZhuoDaShi version 2.4.1

ZhuoDaShi is a pretty good chinese rooting software for Android devices. The program is actually written in Chinese so it will look odd on your PC, however I’ll show you exactly what needs to be clicked and when.
  1. Download ZhuoDaShi version 2.4.1 from here, here or here. Install ZhuoDaShi. Although the program is in Chinese it should be fairly obvious what you need to press to install it.
  2. Enable 'USB Debugging' on your Android device, from settings. When the program is installed, open it and connect your device to your PC. If you wait a few seconds (give it a fair chance) you should now see your device in the program window. If you receive a popup, just hit “Yes”. If you are successful, you should see something like the above image. If you're not, try to download and install Moborobo, it will install the drivers for your Android device.
  3. Underneath the image of your Touchpad on the left, you should see the word “ROOT” and a link to the side of it in brackets. Click this link, and in the next screen just hit the big blue button that says “ROOT” and wait for the process to complete. Your touchpad should unlock and a screen should appear and then close itself. Do not touch your touchpad. You should be able to see a small notification matching the ZhuoDaShi icon, which means the process is still running. When the icon has disappeared, just press the big blue button and then close ZhuoDaShi. On your device you should now have SuperSU installed. Open it up and if prompted update the binary. Then go to the settings and select the “Reinstall” option. SuperSU will then remove itself from your device. Now go to the Google Play Store and either install SuperSU again, or Superuser and your device will be fully rooted. Please note that you will have an application installed on your device by ZhuoDaShi. This can be safely removed after you have verified you have root access via SuperSU.

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how zhuodashi UNROOT??? :(

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