Jun 30, 2013

Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 firmware installed on Pipo S1 tablet

Here is the easiest to do this firmware update:
1. Download Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 firmware image from: link1, link2 or link3.
2. Put your Pipo S1 in 'firmware update mode'.
3. Run Rockchip Batch Tool v1.7, select the proper image .img file from your desktop, and after your device is found by the program, press the 'Restore' button and wait for 2-3 minutes to finish. VERY IMPORTANT: disconnect the USB cable right away the tablet goes into recovery. The first boot is very long, wait at least 15 minutes.

What we have at the moment:
- Firmware 4.2.2 from PIPO S1S
- Removed Chinese applications
- Added root
- Default language English
- Customise kernel
- Closed G-sensor, all other devices operate, including sound
- Camera Resolution approximation increased to 3 megapixels
- CPU Speed ​​1604 MHz GPU clock of 266 MHz
- Not mounted USB hard drives
- Antutu produces about 8,000 points

Credits for this firmware go to realmaple. 

Thanks to Angelo Machacuay, we have now Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 with CWM and fixed
G-sensor (autorotation is now working).

1. To install CWM on Pipo S1 first download the archive from here, here or here. Extract it and run RKAndroidTool.exe. Double click on recovery address and change it from '0x00010000' to '0x00014000'. Leave all the rest fields intact and press 'Flash Rom' button. Wait  for the proccess to finish and reboot your tablet. You're done! [Optional] If you want to upgrade from CWM-based  Recovery v6.0.2.7 to v6.0.2.8, then download this zip file (mirror1 & mirror2), copy it on your micro SD card, reboot into recovery and install it. See this video for details.

2. To install G-sensor fix. First download fix.gsensor.pipos1.120.zip from here, here or here. Copy it on micro SD card, install Quick Boot free from Play Store, run it and boot into recovery. Install zip from SD card and reboot. You're done!

Enjoy this firmware release, share is love!  

 Always keep in mind that this is not a review, just a first sight of this firmware. You have to test it more for another details, to see if it satisfies your needs.

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Cristian Czinege said...

THIS IS FOR PIPO S1 ??? BECAUSE I UNDERSTAND ITS FROM S1S THE FIRMWARE AND ITS OK? ANTUTU WHY ONLY 8000??? NOW WITH 4.1.1 I HAVE 11000 and Not mounted USB hard drives mean hardrives or usb stick also?

Dan Stefan said...

@Cristian Czinege Yes, this is for Pipo S1, it is recompiled by Realmaple from Pipo S1s 4.2.2 chinese firmware.

Cristóbal Caicedo said...

Gracias amigo, eres un crack la he podido actualizar.

Gracias, eres un sabio la he podido actualizar.

Cristian Czinege said...

Closed G-sensor, all other devices operate, including sound what it means? G-sensor the rotation of tablet not working??? and flash usb its working? thanks

Dan Stefan said...

@Cristian Czinege
Closed G-sensor = auto-rotate function doesn't work

Cristian Czinege said...


Angelo Machacuay said...

here the fix of G-sensor:
There are 2 zip files : Choose one
fix.gsensor.pipos1.120.zip ------ Density 120
fix.gsensor.pipos1.160.zip ------ Density 160
Install from CWM.

Flash recovery:
files https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BxlKkKHskkWYNHg3SnppZ29lS2s/edit?usp=sharing
There are 2 files
misc It is required
recovery.img you can change it for you recovery
flash with RKAndroidTool
very important change address :0x00010000 to 0x00014000

Angelo Machacuay said...

intern memory to microsd :
int2sd move the memory to microsd
sd2int original file
Install from Cwm.
I have noticed that the microsd is removed at the beginning at times, and you have to take it out and put it in the slot

Dan Stefan said...

Thank you @Angelo Machacuay, I'll try these days your fixes! :)

Jean-Daniel Mercure said...

Did This, but now I can't detect my device anymore with Rockchip batch. Any Idea How I could fix it?

Jean-Daniel Mercure said...

Actually my last post was intend to be post on this blog : http://chinagadgetsreviews.blogspot.ro/2013/05/android-jelly-bean-422-firmware.html

Jeff Kinsey said...

This is my first post on this site, so please excuse my ignorance. I followed the steps for correcting the G-Sensor issue and now the tablet boots upside-down. Following full boot the camera is also upside-down regardless of the tablet orientation. How can I fix that?

Jeff Kinsey said...

After more carefully examining the details of this ROM, I realize that it appears to be specific to the Pipo S1S. Is that correct? My issue is with the ROM on a Pipo Smart S1.

Dan Stefan said...

@Jeff Kinsey
Yes, this is for Pipo S1, it is recompiled by Realmaple from Pipo S1s 4.2.2 chinese firmware.

Jeff Kinsey said...

Short of the orientation issue it works fine, prior to installing the g-sensor fix that is. Otherwise the orientation sensor does not work at all. Do you think it can be corrected to support the Smart S1 as well?

vader9988 said...

Por favor alguien que diga cuanto puntage les da en AnTuTu con este firmware, gracias.

Angelo Machacuay said...

A mi me puntua 7982 pero esta puntuacion es algo engañosa ya que al jugar juegos como asphalt 7 o ganstar vegas el rendimiento es el mismo con la rom stock 4.1 ;a mi opinion esta rom es mas fluida que la stock .
Sobre la puntuacion de antutu esta depende del kernel instalado ya que un adecuado kernel sacara el maximo provecho del hardware de la tablet

Tayyab Ali said...

After applying the fix, camera went upside down and also the device boot upside down! Please fix this bug otherwise downgrading.....

Dan Stefan said...

@Tayyab Ali
If you have a better fix / workaround / solution for this please share it with all of us. If not, I advise you to calmly downgrade to whatever version you wish...

Cristian Czinege said...


i installed seems to be very ok first boot time aprox 5 minutes, then its ok g-sensor its very ok its rotating, wifi its ok connect and running very nicely, seems to be fast for now im running antutu benchmark Oauuuu 11818 benchmark antutu (cpu 3615 Gpu 5995, ram 1518, i/o 690) the best of the best !!!!!!!!! only if someone root this and make pipo s1 on showing on boot time...

Angelo Machacuay said...

Fix G-sensor ,boot and camara
install Fixpipo in recovery
install new kernel and boot with rktool:
if you have a bug report it

Cristian Czinege said...

Pipo S1 - Android 4.2.2
http://www.mediafire.com/download/9u8ubwdpehy64gv/Voyager1_7inch_4.2_version1.0.zip And i installed this and seems to be very ok first boot time aprox 5 minutes, then its ok g-sensor its very ok its rotating, wifi its ok connect and running very nicely, seems to be fast for now im running antutu benchmark Oauuuu 11818 benchmark antutu (cpu 3615 Gpu 5995, ram 1518, i/o 690) Update : battery ok 3 hours full with wifi on and dowloading stuff,Quadrant scores 4565 . nicee!!! the best of the best !!!!!!!!!

Tayyab Ali said...

@Cristian Czineqe
Please tell about the ROM you referred, Is the Camera working fine?? ANd also where did you get this firmware??

Dan Stefan said...

@Tayyab Ali
See here all the details http://chinagadgetsreviews.blogspot.ro/2013/07/sumvision-cyclone-voyager-7-422.html


The rom is good but HDMI not work.

Jeff Kinsey said...

Angelo, I applied the PipoFix stated above on my Smart-S1 and after installing Boot and Kernel the screen is offset 1/3 to the right.

Jeff Kinsey said...

Voyager image corrected G-Sensor and Rotation on Smart-S1. However, HDMI connection causes reboot.

Stitchino said...

Hello i have a problem with the btightness of lcd ...if i put it to small value the screen became black...any solution?

ZenithPaul said...

there is still no fix for upside down g-sensor or autorotation?

Angelo Machacuay said...

Do you solve your problem? What is the color of the number one in rk batch tool? It is blue

Jeronimo Vilar said...

HELP!! How to recovery my firmware? i tryed upgrade, show the error and no more turn on :(
(sorry my english)

Dan Stefan said...

@Jeronimo Vilar
Take a look at this post here

Qammar Sultan said...

Hi Everyone, Does anybody know about the Mr. Tab MT-708g? I have this one and due to some fault it started freezing. If in standby it never freezes but as soon as i start some sort of work or scroll pages it freezes. I tried to hard reset it but no effect and the problem is still same.

Can anybody help or give me a proper link from where to get the help regarding this issue.

jose salazar sanchez said...

hi all,

I have a pip s1 but I can not turn it on, always in black, no symbol appears pipo. if I connect to the computer connects, I try to put the new rom and gives no error, but the screen remains black, which I can do?

Dan Stefan said...

If your tablet is not turning on anymore, but you have the red led on when you charge it, then maybe your tablet is in the Sleep of Death (SoD). To revive it is simple: just open it (remove the case), cut or unstick the red wire from the battery, charge it, the tablet you'll turn on, weld back the red wire, close the case. that's it!

Van said...

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Jerry Gene said...

Nice post with awesome points! Can’t wait for the next one.

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Mohammad Arif said...

Hey buddy, thanks for the quick download link for the flash file.
I've been unable to download it from any of the previous links I found on other sites.
Nice job meh, your blog reminds me of an equally helpful and interesting blog on my reading list All Android Hard Reset And Firmware Here.
keep up the good workAll Mobiles Solution

Graham Essie said...

Hi. Can anyone perhaps tell me why after I flashed any of the roms, my screen display is only 2/3 of the screen up in the left corner? everything works 100% and the touch works as if the screen is full size, but the display is still shrunk and small?

Fernando Jiménez said...

hey whatsapp not working is incompatible with the version

Karagiannis Yea said...

Can I install it on PIPO S1s?

Romesh Jaya said...

How to reset Micromax android phone

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