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Apr 28, 2013

CyanogenMod CM10 v1.2 firmware installed on Pipo S1 tablet

1. First, download CyanogenMod CM10 v1.2 firmware from here or from here. 
2. Connect tablet in bootloader mode.
3. If you don't have driver installed you can install it from "drivers" folder.
4. Go to the folder RKDevelopTool_v1.35 and run RKAndroidTool (do not change anything!).
5. If drivers are installed correctly, in the bottom will say "Found RKAndroid Loader Rock Usb".
6. Press Erase IDB and wait after it finish press OK (it will take 10-20 seconds)
7. Then press 'Run' button. Tablet will restart when everything finish. (first run may take up to 5 minutes).

8. Copy the FixS1.zip file on your Pipo S1 tablet and install it via Recovery Menu.

CyanogenMod CM10 v1.2 firmware features
- System ext4
- CWM recovery
- externe SD mounted as NAND (up to 64 GB)
- Internal storager 2,5 GB
- Init.d support
- USB-Hub enable
- Gamepad (PS2, XBox, ...)
- Kernelmodule (cifs, tun, lan, serial)
- Device = Nexus 7
- latest hosts, su, su-binary, busybox
- MX Video-Player, Play Music & Volume+
- Google Chrome, Skype, 4.2 keyboard & clock
- Reboot Menue, Kernel Tuner, Pimp my Rom
- Dateimanager HD (Root)
- Nova Launcher

Enjoy this fine release!

Always keep in mind that this is not a review, just a first look at this firmware. You have to test it more for another details, to see if it satisfies your needs.

13 comentarii:

Anonymous said...

hello is this rom is compatible for pipo s3

danyrolux said...

I don't have the Pipo S3 tablet, so to find the answer you have to try it for yourself or wait for someone else to try it....

Anonymous said...

is it safe? i want to try

RL Sandoval said...

This ROM is giving me the same issues as the latest ROM from PIPO, there is a poppin sound and WiFi issues, I cannot receive messages and calls while on sleep mode (of course WiFi is set to be always on)

Anonymous said...

Helo! Thnx firmware and CyanogenMod. good run,pipo s1. :)-

Anonymous said...

helo how to install FixS1.zip recorvery menu? Please help thnx.

Anonymous said...

please new video, how to install your firmware pipo s1 android tablet?! thnx!

danyrolux said...

@marci - please take a look at this article http://chinagadgetsreviews.blogspot.ro/2013/03/pipo-smart-s1-firmwares-gathered-on-one.html

Tayyab Ali said...

I want nand to remain as Nand storage. Please tell me how to get my nand as internal storage. And thanks for the firmware, its good.

Unknown said...

After installing cyanogen, I've installed that fix, but the problem is that on reboot the device keeps booting in recovery menu. Any ideas?"

tcoimm said...

I have a problem in the screen rotation, looks like a bug when I rotate the tablet. How can I fix it?

Tayyab Ali said...

Same problem here for screen rotatio. Can anyone fix this?

danyrolux said...

@Julien Stafie
Try tu run RKDevelopTool_v1.35 as admin. Don't forget to erase IDB!

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