Mar 23, 2013

How to properly install and play 'The Adventures of Tintin' on Pipo Smart S1 tablet

What do you need?

1. Acquire 'The Adventures of Tintin' game from Play Store.
2. You must have a rooted firmware installed on your Pipo Smart S1 tablet, like TNT Release 5 Firmware or TNT Release 3 Firmware (like in my case).
3. Optional, you can install 'Build Prop Editor', free from Playstore, and change your model name to something with a better compatibility with Gameloft games (like SGH-i777, in my case)
4. Download and install Full!screen from Play Store.
5. Run the Full!screen then run the game.

Credits go to Dan aka Fratello


2 comentarii:

Fratello said...

I'm the one who discovered this easy way, for my son ! And I shared this way on most forums .... Dan aka Fratello

Bogdan Alexandru said...

oo esti roman de-al meu... te rog man zi-mi si mie care versiune de android ma scapa de sunetu ala de la speaker ca nu se opreste si cardu sd care face probleme?

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