Mar 3, 2013

How to install W2COMP custom firmware Version 27012013 on your Rikomagic MK802IIIS BT

In this short article I'll show you how to install a custom firmware on you Rikomagic MK802IIIS, in this case we're talking about W2COMP custom firmware Version 27012013. First, you have to download the firmware from here or from here.

Next you'll have to install Rockusb v2.0 Driver on your PC. If you have Windows 8 you better folow the procedure presented in this video. The driver can be downloaded from here.

Run the RKDevelop Tool v1.35 and follow the steps like in the video below.This procedure will take around 3 minutes, so please be patient! Do not unplug USB cable during recovery/upgrade! When this prompt window appears,then means recovery is successful, pull out USB cable, then total process is finished.

W2COMP custom firmware Version 27012013 features
- Real Init.d Support 
- Driver for PS3 and Xbox Controller 
- Support for Streaming from Linux 
- Speed Optimation 
- Camera and Skype Support 
- Flash Player in Stock Browser Work

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Nathan Daniels said...

I had to use short pin method. Now my stick failks after restrart during flash

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