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Aug 28, 2014

Download DragonFace latest version v.2.2.0

Dragonface is a very intuitive piece of software that will let you edit and modify A10, A13 and A31 firmware images. You can quickly change your boot logo or animation; of course, you can do much more,  pull, push and edit Init.rc or Script.fex,  remove and add APK's, change basic info.

Download DragonFace v.2.2.0 from here, here or here.
You can find the previous versions here.

6 comentarii:

Faisal Ansari said...

I need a full good working guide for Dragonface flasher please ?

Cheers ! :)

Dan Stefan said...

@Faisal Ansari
Dragonface is not a flasher, it is a firmware modding and editing tool... Play with it and you will find out how it works...

Anonymous said...


Faisal Ansari said...

@Dan, Thanks bro :)

Dan Stefan said...

@Faisal Ansari
You're welcome! ;)

george said...

I try the program but all controls are blanck (no description). Am i missing something?

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